Polysurface good and incorrect mesh

Hi there!

When I create a mesh from NURBS my mesh looks a bit off compared to its poly surface.
Can someone please tell me what’s the reason for this. I did use curve fillet edge before extruding all letters. I just find it odd that I am only having this issue with the letter E and N.
Any suggestions on how I can avoid this issue in the future and fix my current one.
Thanks in advance.

Can you post a Rhino .3dm file with the problem?

How did you create the NURBS surfaces? How did you create the meshes?

Here’s the 3dm file
I created the NURBS SURFACE by going to topbar MESH> FROM NURBS OBJECTS .
I’ve been playing around with the polygon mesh options to see if my mesh changes its shape and no luck.

ENPP 2.3dm (436.4 KB)

@BKJEWELS, the mesher is having a hard time because of the way the letters are created. If you explode for example the letter N, it results in only 3 surfaces. I’ll asume the extrusion after creating the 0.01mm fillet was made having the _CreaseSplitting disabled.

With nothing selected start _DivideAlongCreases and set SplitAtTangents=Yes SplitAtKinks=Yes, then select the objects and _Enter.

After using _ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge, _Explode, _Reparameterize _Automatic and _Join the mesher creates a better result with coarser settings. I’ve used these:


File: ENPP 2_c.3dm (509.1 KB)

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