Meshing from points

Hi everyone!

I want to generate mesh from points, but when i use the “meshfrompoints” command, the software generates smoothed mesh. my wish is that the software creates an mesh, that these points get the corners of the each meshes.

How can i do that?

You’re being confused because mesh smoothing is turned on in the display, making it look smoother than it is.
Right click on the viewport name and turn on the “Flat Shade” option to disable this display smoothing effect.

I’ve just tried but the edges of meshes are not on the points.

My guess is your mesh is too far from the 0,0 coordinate origin. You’re probably getting a display rounding error.

If I’m right, move everything back close to 0,0.
You might need to run ClearAllMeshes and go back into a shaded display.

Hello - MeshFromPoints uses a ‘marching cube’ to create the mesh - it does not use the points directly - MeshPatch does, and might help, but the shape of the points may not work out - can you post a Rhino file with your points?


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yes you right. i moved the points close to 0,0. And i tried again but the results is same.

Thank you ! That is want i exactly want.
@John_Brock, thank you too.

eğri_point.dxf (233.5 KB)

Hello - it looks like MeshPatch will work, but you’ll need to ExtractMeshFaces the ‘bridge’ polygons.

Unweld at 0 degrees to remove smoothing.


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As far as i understand bridge meshes are as the screenshot below.


But i couldn’t remove them as i try your recommendation.

Hello - like this:

Any luck?


okey. Can I prevent the formation of these bad mesh by putting an angle limit during mesh creation ?

Hi guys! I stuck with the same problem. Trying to perform it in grasshopper but as far as I know there is the only tool called Delaunay mesh. And in some cases it does narrow and long triangles like Pascal showed up here. I know that I can filter them by length but not every time it works good.

So maybe there is a plug-in to build a good mesh from the number of points or to control the triangles sizes? Any ideas?

One thing I sometimes use to clean up Delaunay meshes for non convex shapes is to cull the faces whose centroids are not inside the curve: