Mesh from point cloud

Hello everybody,
I try to create a mesh from points.
Therefore i try this with to functions?
Rhino meshfrompoints
very quick but there are hills in the mesh. Anyone know why?

With RhinoResurf function rspoints2tri
result: PC locks up
Can anybody help me?

How many points are in your mesh? If it’s not millions, I might try the Rhino function MeshPatch…
I don’t know why the RhinoResurf locks up your computer, do you have a license or trial version? If so, the people who created it should be able to help you.


Thanks for your answer.
I have over one million points. And the rhinoresurf version is a trial version.

OK, for Rhinoresurf I would contact them directly for answers. If you have a terrain-type model, the Grasshopper Delaunay component works well or try the RhinoTerrain trial version, but it will not be great for topologies that have undercuts or overlaps.


Ok Thanks.
It is no terrain-type. I have points from a CT scan.

Are there any ‘outlying’ points in the point set that would account for this?


No there no outline points.
That’s the strange!

Yeah, the algorithm there is a ‘marching cube’ one so it does lead to some noise- notice the mesh vertices are not on the points at all but rather in a grid near the points. Setting sampling density smaller might help, or boost the 'NumberOfContourngGridCells.


Ok thanks,
I try it!