MeshFromPoints questions

Can someone explain the options in MeshFromPoints? I’m just playing with it trying to understand it. In the attached file it seems to just mesh an average height in Z instead of hitting all the points. Is it possible to hit all the points?
I’m thinking of meshing topo contour lines. There used to be a plug-in from David called Point Set …something that was good for this purpose.
Also wondering why MeshFromPoints continues to be a plug-in? It seems that it is updated for new versions but being a plug-in means that there is no Help info.

Untitled.3dm (62.3 KB)


Try meshpatch.
The command is good, it can take curves as input in combination with points. Refit the curves or rebuild them to get a better control over the meshing.

Ans the command does not like duplicate points. Nor overlapping curves. So if it takes long to calculate just cancel and start looking for those errors.

Good luck

I still have 2 questions.
1/ What is Meshfrompoints used for then?
2/ MeshPatch still misses several points at the outside of point group #2. Do you know why? Is it a bug, a feature :wink: or am I doing something wrong?

in this particular case it seems to work ok if you create a StartingSurface using PlaneTroughPt, scale the result approx. by 200% and then pick the StartingSurface before picking the points during MeshPatch.

I think it should work without doing the StartingSurface workaround described above.
EDIT: …and MeshFromPoints should filter duplicated pts automagically instead of hanging please ! :wink:


Hi Nick -The plug-in does not actually try to hit the points directly, it uses a ‘marching cube’ algorithm to sample the input points (see how the resulting mesh is mostly an even grid?). So, yeah, as Holo says, MeshPatch may be more what you are after. MeshFromPoints is probably more useful on very dense point sets where you may not want a mesh vertex at every point.


Thanks Clement and Pascal.
I would like to request that the whole starting surface work around for mesh patch be automated, at least as an option. I would never have figured that out.
Pascal your explanation of meshfrompoints makes sense. Still don’t understand the options though.