MESH FROM PONITS - rhino plugin

Wonder if anyone know how to use «Mesh from Points» in Mesh panels?

I have click there, and rhino send me to a rhino web link to download some plug-in for work with it. But i don find any tutorial to learn.

Any one help me?

I suspect you are not paying adequate attention to the instructions.
Rhino ships with a place holder file for Mesh from Points.
The place holder file takes you to the Web site where you can download a replacement file.
The instructions tell you to delete the place holder file and copy in the new, larger you downloaded into the same folder.
Both deleting the old file and placing the new file in the same location are critical to make this work.
Then start Rhino and the command will work.

Good luck

He is probably referring to command being undocumented in interactive help (SamplingDensityPlusNoise, AutoAdjustGrid, NumOfContouringGridCells).

Thanks for the answer.
I have downloaded the file, and simple click on it and install. I did not copy - paste to rhino plug-in folder. Do i have to do it for it work properly?

I have correct the process, like you say, but i get the same.

I think i do not understand how it works! Rhino tell me to select points. But the points on the curve do not allow me to select them. Perhaps curve points are not possible to work under mesh surfaces?

Can you send me some link tutorial?
I would love to share the file example, but i dont know wy, rhino tell me that 2 simple curves (a street to model) have 64MB (and i have purge the file.

You can extract point firs (_ExtractPt).

If i put the file here, can you teach me how to do it?

I need to finish the project, because it is the final one to my Master Thesis.

It is very simple. You select an object, run _ExtractPt, and with points still selected run _MeshFromPoints.

This is what i can do… but it was made with PATCH tool and some a lots of wasted time try to JOIN all POSSIBLE EDGES, when it possible. It is very difficult to trim edges specially when i need to draw the sidewalks.

The big issue is that i leave in PORTUGAL - Lisbon… and as it known, this city is really a big mess when it comes to model the landscape. Streets are like a MEDIEVAL AGE… not orthogonal, not planar, not straight. everything is UPS and DOWNS, high hills and down hills.

UPS… i can not find any app to share the example file, because it is a 65 MB, and Rhino Foruns do not allow more that 20MB

Any one with an app suggestion for send files throw a link to put here?

I think will let you upload a bigger file.

Try this please…

I am sure there more competent answers than I can provide, but I think the main idea is to build the more or less rectangular areas with NetworkSrf, and use dense patches sparingly only where needed.

The geometry you provided consists of degree 1 polyline with multiple segments. To make it usable I had to refit it to tolerance with degree 3 (Fit command). (If you do this - backup the original polyline.) After this I could split it, and add some sections to build surfaces with NetworkSrf.

It is a bit tedious, though, to get it right.

A BIG THANKS for your help.

YES…it is very tedious. I am exhausted of trying to find the better way to model this. (So you found NETWORK SRF) perhaps the better way?

I will try to accomplish and see what happen then.

Again. A big thanks for you spending time with someone from other side of the world.