Meshes set to shaded now slower than Rhino 5

hi @stevebaer i just have figured that Rhino does not perform well with large meshes on a Radeon in a Macbook Pro from 2015 in shaded mode, in a direct comparison with a Macbook Pro from 2013 which uses the NVIDIA performs far better. in all other display modes the radeon feels like it actually is better again, i made absolutely sure that both computer enjoyed the exact same conditions.

the Radeon had
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 9.95 seconds. (10.05 FPS)

while the 2 year older NVIDIA
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 3.24 seconds. (30.87 FPS)

here both set ups


and here the file i used to test

large mesh.3dm (3.0 MB)

i am kind of begging for a fast response, because i am in the process of selling one of the 2 computers and have to decide, thanks in advance.

edit: oh and i am using 6.18.19239.01072, 2019-08-27

I’m not sure what kind of response you are looking for. How does Rihno 5 compare on these computers?

thanks for the fast response steve. i dont know what i can add more… the radeon performs better in all other regards, only meshes in shaded work quite a bit worse compared to the nvidia. also in rendered mode if i may add, which looks like a bug of some sort to me because in rhino 5 the radeon performs on the same file blazingly fast.

actually the radeon in rhino 5 performs even better than the nvidia on rhino 6. so that seems to be already an issue, but that the radeon which should be faster actually performs worse than the nvidia does not sound right to me at all. unfortunately i cant serve with more testings with the nvidia anymore since i just sold it. but the problem is anyway more expressed with the remaining radeon. any clues?

testmaxspeed in rhino 5 with the radeon reveals the following if that helps
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 1.93 seconds.

hi @stevebaer i think i probably have expressed that a bit complicated. under the line 2 individual computers tested worked slower with meshes set to shaded in rhino 6. while the radeon which should be faster is even slower in rhino 6. it works super smooth in rhino 5. i thought larger amounts of meshes should actually work faster in rhino 6 generally if i am not mistaken?

also i am getting such moiree clipping effects in rhino 6 when i zoom closer to the mesh.

hi @stevebaer i know you guys are busy i dont know whom else to bother so excuse my persistence ( i actually waited a week not to be too annoying) but i still have no response here… i am on the brink of switching the computer one last time for the sake of older graphic cards not being supported properly as it seems or at least i assume… or are newer ones also affected and nobody noticed? idk. but can you confirm that this is being taken into consideration or at least that this might be a bug? there clearly are several systems affected and from what i read is that somebody having a radeon pro 455 also has performance issues. so will it only run fully supported on the newest generation macbook pros? meaning any laptop older than 2 years is depreciated, or is it a bug?