Shaded viewport super slow

Example model: Sierpinski_inspired.3dm (3.6 MB)

When I switch the perspective viewport from Wireframe to Shaded, then interactive navigation feels like navigating a slideshow. The GPU in my system is not the greatest, but I think it should be able to handle that model just fine:

Explanation? Something I can do to my system to improve performance?

Seems reasonably snappy here with my GTX 780. Just for kicks I also tried on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro with a GT 330M and native MacRhino, it was a bit more jerky, but still more or less tolerable.


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Thanks for the tests! I can imagine that the little hemispheres cause the problem, possibly with high polygon counts. Because the blocks: Come on, even without hardware acceleration they should render fast.

Is there any way I can change mesh density for shaded mode? Only for this model?

Well, display meshes are property of individual objects, not display modes. This is probably a good thing, as otherwise you would need to create new meshes for each display mode. What you can do is create custom display meshes for your some of objects via the Properties box.

However, looks like you have edge softening on all of your box-like objects - which adds polygons; and on top of that they are all block instances - known to cause display slowdowns - although I didn’t notice much difference here between the model as blocks and the model exploded into polysurfaces.


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Thanks, Mitch! I was able to considerably speed up rendering by disabling edge softening and mesh density:

For a quick test, I first exploded all blocks. However, for actually working with the model, the process would be cumbersome. For modeling and for rendering with Rhino Render, I would need to change settings back and forth for every block. It would be nice if I could specify a different meshing settings for high quality rendering and for the shaded display mode.

Yeah, some stored/restorable mesh settings has been on my wishlist since version 1… Maybe a script can help.


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