Meshes look see through in rendered view

I was wondering why the meshes that ive got are showing the interior of the form and a faint exterior rather than just the exterior (in rendered view), any help with this would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Charlie

maybe it has the normals flipped, try with UnifyMeshNormals

Just tried that, said that all face normals were oriented in the same direction, didnt change anything in the view port either

Hello - try RebuildMeshNormals Also, does Shaded display mode look correct?


Do you have any material assigned to these objects?
Sometimes in Rhino the soft shadows start showing through and moving the material transparency slider to some transparency and back to full opaque fixes it.

Only the default material is applied, tried playing around with the transparency slider with no success, tried to apply other opaque materials with no success either :confused:

Shaded looks relatively similar in terms of whats see through

That does look like some parts have their normals inverted.

Maybe you can share the file for further investigation? If you don’t want or can’t do that here then you can use to share with McNeel. Don’t forget to post a link to this discussion in the comments for the upload, that way tech support knows where the file comes from (: