Meshb exporter + some code + collab invitation


just pushed an exporter plugin for the INRIA meshb file format to the package manager, called MeshbExporter.
This format is the native format of the legendary Medit3d viewer as well as the input format of choice for some software mostly from the INRIA labs some of which is quite powerful.
I placed the code of the core exporter function here which is, as you can see, very short and straightforward.
The meshb file format is very rich - as you can see from the plenty keywords in its header file
so there is ample room to export (and import) much more geometrical detail between Rhino and meshb. Just wanted to drop this here in case anyone would like to collab on this topic.
Any other feedback will be welcome likewise.

Cheers, Mathias

Why infamous :open_mouth: ?

I meant: legendary! of course.