Colored mesh exchange + viewer

Hello everyone,

I know this is no Rhino speciffic thread, but I hope some of you have some experiences about that.

I need to exchange some colored meshes with a Client, who doesn’t have access to Rhino or other chargeable CAD aplications. At the moment I’m searching for a free and good viewer to display colored meshes. Absolutly perfect would be if it can do sections and has top views etc.

The formats I found which include vertex colors are vrml/wrl; x3d and obj.

  1. are there more?
  2. which is the most common or recmmended ?


-The most promising I found (because of section tool etc) was EnduroCAD (,
but it’s very outdated like most vrml viewer and it doesn’t display the mesh correctly.

-Cortona3D ( was the most updated I found, but the navigation in the webbroser is not the best.

-3D Builder from Microsoft can open the vrml format and has a really nice navigation. But it also doesn’t display the color correctly. It can open obj-files, but the ones I export with rhino crash due to an error.

MeshLab can Import all the files, but also crashes when importing colored meshes.

Many other free webbased viewer aren’t working. I think beacause they didn’t get updated anymore.


  1. Somebody had a similar problem?

  2. Which format would you recommend?

  3. Somebody knows a good viewer?

  4. Is there a work around to display vertex color in common cad formats like dwg/dxf?
    I would really prefer to use a viewer like the AutoCAD viewer or 3d builder from Microsoft. Let’s say from a reputable company.

  5. No matter which format I open in a viewer, the transparency doesn’t get displayed correctly. Is that not possible or some other problem?

Attached heavy reduced examples.
tracer_test_reduced.7z (357.0 KB)

I hope somebody got a solution and in advance I want to thank all for the help.

Best regards,

Have you tried .PLY?

Curious about Meshlab crashing with colored meshes, I have not had that issue with it myself.

ok I searched for a long time, but looks like I did my job not well :smiley:

ply works really fine. Thank you very much.