Mesh Triangulation problem

Hi everyone,

I am trying to triangulate a mesh using equilater triangles but something seems wrong and the component does not work. Anyone can help me? I think the problem may lie in the mesh

Thanks in advance (3.8 MB)


although there’s geometry in your node, it doesn’t seem to be bakable nor visible in rhino. would you be so kind and attach the rhino file as well?



Yes, sure, here you have it!

Surface_Problem_001.3dm (18.3 MB)

Thank you!

Thank you!

It’s been so far from the center that I didn’t find it. My bad, sorry.

However, it looks like you converted some bad quality mesh to Nurbs. I tried _mergeAllCoplanarFaces, which makes your model less jittery, but still there are several problems:

Basically you’d need to keep the mesh in the first place and join it to use triremesh (there’s no interest in remeshing one single face), but even then it fails because of the poor quality of the mesh.

May I ask if this is a scanned file transformed to nurbs?

Surface_Problem_001_re.3dm (15.2 MB)

what I’ve done:

select main mesh with mouse
_-reducemesh (planar only)

(my office just got like 2 degrees hotter because my computer worked so hard :slight_smile: )

hope that helps


The original file is a Civil 3D terrain transformed to surfaces, and the created mesh, as you said, it is horrible…

Woow, great job!

I will try to replicate what you did. Did you use just Rhino without grasshopper to do all the operations?

Thank you so much!

glad this is what you need.

i made most of the steps in rhino except for quad and triremesh to avoid 1000years of waiting time between every plug event as these where a lot of triangle surfaces😉

whether you do it in rhino or grasshopper is about the same for most functions, except fir autodetection instead of selecting yourself the important piece of mesh.

if you have tons of such files, I’d automate it in grasshopper. else leave it at that.

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Thank you so much for your answer! I’ll follow your advice!


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