Mesh Inclusion Component Bug?

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Hi everyone
There is the screenshot to show my problem, Do you know why ?(this point is not in the mesh,but It still return “true” in MeshInclusion Component),is this a Bug?or I lose some thing? thank you

Mesh Inclusion Component (164.5 KB)


Have no idea but seems like working well for me.

(Michael Pryor) #3

This usually happens depending on a few things in my experience.
1.tolerance issues (depending on your units and Rhino tolerances)
2. Non uniform normals (are all your faces in the same direction?
3. Mesh is not closed (maybe it has some small holes)
4. Meshes with weird faces (long, skinny, etc.) your mesh topology looks quite bad. How did you make it?

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this is made from Brep(I used a planar closed curve make a brep,and used "Mesh.CreateFromBrep()"create this mesh)