Can't match appearance of single mesh face w/ original mesh

No matter what I do I can’t get the original look of the mesh to apply to my new mesh face that I am using to patch a missing face.

I tried matchproperties to no avail. I joined it and kept it separate and it doesn’t make a difference. I tried flipping the normals too, no dice. It almost seems like the original mesh has some material reflection to it that matchproperties is not applying. When I rotate the model it looks as if it’s reflecting something.

Actually, when I rotate the model, everything is definitely reflecting a light source, and flat mesh faces appear curved, even. But this new face does not behave like the rest of the mesh…

Any thoughts?




Maybe Flip the mesh or run UnifyMeshNormals?

It’s funny, running unifymeshnormals just makes everything look worse.

I opened this mesh from a blender file and it kept a lot of the appearance from blender. Maybe that’s part of the issue? Rhino is trying to match what blendr did but can’t exactly? Dunno…

Hello - I would Weld the mesh if that face is joined to the rest - if it not, then you will probably not get that looking 100%. Feel free to post the object in a 3dm file.


I didn’t try that yet, thanks very much. The mesh definitely has some issues–isn’t super clean. I will post if that doesn’t solve it. Thanks!

Weld definitely helps in some places and hurts in others. I imagine if I extracted part of the mesh then welded it maybe that would work better than doing the entire thing at once. I’ll play around. Meshes suck!

Try unweld at20 degrees too.

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