Mesh to Nurbs surface

Hi, How can I convert a mesh file to a 3dm file. I need isocurves to use the function flow along curve after. Thanks

What you are looking for is not a 3dm file but a Nurbs surface. You might want to update the title.

Post your file or try to convert your mesh into a SubD with Quad Remesh and then ToNurbs.

Hi, thanks! please see attached! thanks
crosshoopplain.3dm (8.9 MB)

Hi -

Did you try any of what Martin suggested?

The aim is not totally clear but it sounds like you only need the QuadRemesh part.

you can also just draw a line with PolylineOnMesh directly on the Mesh and rebuild it with RebuildCrvNonUniform, perfect basis for flowing and keep the mesh as it is.

Hey there!
by the “To Nurbs” command you can convert a mesh into a nurbs model, .3dm is actually the format of the rhino files.
As you have the curbs model, you can have access to all the properties in which the nurbs environment allows you, for example: extracting the iso curves and flowing along the curves or…
Good Luck!

What is this cross thing and how did you create the mesh?

Since this is a rather simple object, you would be almost better off rebuilding the parts of the X with a rail and sections so you get clean nurbs.


yes, I will probably re-model. But as I often get mesh files from other softwares (3Design, etc), I just wanted to find a quicker way of doing it, instead of remodelling every time. Thanks! I will try it!



The aim is to extract an isocurve exactly in the middle of the cross and then flow along curve cutters and prongs for micro pave setting.