Converting mesh to nurbs

Is there a way to convert mesh objects to Nurbs objects?

I import objects from 3Dwarehouse, (SKP format), It is inserted as mesh,
and I want to convert it to Nurbs…


When you import an SKP, you get the option of ‘Trimmed Planes’ or Mesh. If you choose ‘Trimmed Planes’, you’ll get polysurfaces / Nurbs objects.

Thank you very much !!

and in general - is it possible to convert mesh object to nurbs object?

There is the command _MeshtoNURB which converts each mesh face to a nurbs surface.

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Not “automagically”.
The process is called Reverse Engineering. It’s a painful, slow slog that uses the faceted mesh as reference geometry to remodel it using NURBS curves and surfaces.

Here’s a warning FAQ about what MeshToNURBS is intended for:

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