Split a mesh?

What is wrong when I can’t split this mesh. I was able to split one part of this scanned sculpture but I need to split this part also to be able to run it in my CNC-machine. It’s going to be about 400 mm high when ready.Cutting.3dm (11.0 MB)

@permalare, mesh splitting and trimming are weak spots of rhino.

However if you inspect your mesh using the _Check command, it is obvious why it does not like your mesh:

Mesh has 17 faces where the face normal differs substantially from the vertex normals…Mesh has 7 pairs of faces that intersect each other…

Your CNC will probably not like this mesh too. So after removing those problems and creating a mesh from your cutting patch surface and triangulating that _MeshSplit seems to behave.

Cutting_cg.zip (9.6 MB)


What did you do to fix the problems?

I detected the 7 intersecting faces with a script, removed them with _DeleteMeshFaces and filled the holes using _FillMeshHole JoinMesh=No, checked the normals of the fills, flipped them when required then joined all and used _Weld 180.


Thank you very much. I’m so grateful.
Is it possible that I could have a copy of that script as it could be useful for me in other projects?

Is MeshRepair command useful?

In this case not, it does not offer anything to extract the intersecting faces: