Mesh split

Hi all,

I’m trying to split the mesh terrain into zones with the curves projected on its surface (so that I can edit them individually). It didn’t work out for me with meshsplit.

Any suggestions?


Hello - this will be hard - the mesh is quite messy to begin with - lots of non-manifold edges and these are along the curves too, which makes me think you’ve already tried to split this thing? Is there a cleaner version of this mesh?


Hi Pascal,

This is the mesh I generated with Holo’s TerrainMesh tool. I tried to repair it and uploaded a new file with the contour in case you need it.


Is there a way to do it? I like the detail from the mesh terrain. I think a polysurface might be easier to work with but it lost so much detail compare to mesh, especially this is not a dramatic terrain…

Make sure your curves are touching the perimeter of the square. Also you can extrude your curves into breps, do brep to simple mesh, then do mesh/mesh split

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