Mesh smoothing for fillet like edge

Hi All,

I am trying to smooth a hard mesh edge (Blue line) to achieve a fillet-like result (red lines) while maintaining the topology of the remainder of the mesh. Essentially making a rounded edge between the two mesh faces/surfaces and keeps everything else unchanged.

I’ve tried using Dendro but converting the whole mesh to voxels is unsuitable for my application.

The closest I’ve found in my search is this post:

This has helped me identify that it’s possible to single out the vertices I would like to smooth but I can not achieve the intended smooth fillet-like result. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (3.6 MB)

your mesh seems to be the result of shrinkwrap, is this correct?

You can shrinkwrap the object again, with an offset of your radius, and then offset the result back to create this:

After that, cut out the portion you want to keep, and wrap that with your base mesh.

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Wow! When I first read this I thought it wouldn’t line up right when I re-shrink-wrapped it worked great. Thanks Gijs. Shrinkwrap keeps bailing me out :sweat_smile:

I’m also interested to know if there are ways of doing this without changing the whole mesh. Is there any other method which I can use to only smooth the vertices on that edge without using shrinkwrap? Where there may be high-detail areas that would be less suitable for shrinkwrap. Thanks