Softening edges? (like fillet but for curves)

what i am trying is making a drawing ready for an inlay to cut it with cnc, both inside and outside

for an example, the black circle is the diameter of bit i am gonna use and
Screenshot 2021-02-26 184859
i need every corner to be like that. i figured i can fillet them if i make curve degrees 1, which is fine for this, but problem is if grasshopper can’t fillet with right radius, than it does whatever it can, like;

so this not working also. can anyone help me how to clear this issue?

Hello - in Rhino, make your corners sharp, and then use FilletCorners. Probably similar in GH - add fillets to sharp corners, but I’d have to test…


i already have drawing in rhino and it’s too much work to sharp every corner. and highly i would miss some anyway. thanks for reply tho.