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Hi guys i have an issue im trying to apply load to my mesh so it can have a catenary behavior like hammock. Although im having a difficult time to conclude to that target,because my points(selected at the png) are connected to anchor points but the result(white mesh) isnt what i was expecting for.
I attach images so you can have a look.
Thanks in advance
Slobo (814.7 KB)

It’s hard tell from two screenshots! It would probably be a good idea to provide a file, if you want help.

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I uploaded it! Thanks for your advice!

Could you explain a little what your end goal is here? Your mesh already seems to be kinda hammock-y!

My goal is to apply weight load at the mesh but the anchor points are not all of them anchored.

Hi @slobo784,

Your anchor points don’t perform as expected, because most of them don’t correspond to the mesh in the right way. Some lie on mesh edges, some on mesh faces, and some not even touch the mesh. However, optimally each anchor point should lie on a mesh vertex!
Upon further inspection, I also noticed that you have lots of duplicate anchor points, which is also unfavourable!


Another problem lies in your data structuring. You have two separate meshes in a flat list and a flat list of anchor points. It would make much more sense to graft the meshes and anchor points, so that one branch of anchor points corresponds to each mesh. Otherwise, how should Kangaroo know which anchor points to apply to which mesh?


Here’s a possible alternate solution that uses Kangaroo 2 and a tween component from Pufferfish:

I’ve also included a custom mesh loft component that I’ve written in Python that is needed to rebuild your mesh. (96.6 KB)


Wow that really helped me thank you P1r4t3b0y!!
One more question, at the custom mesh loft component that you’ve written in Python you input only the polylines at P input?

Yes, you input a list of ordered polylines that you wish to mesh loft, like you would for an ordinary surface loft. When you hover your mouse cursor over the component inputs a description pops up that shows what the other inputs do, but they are not necessary in your case.

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P1r4t3b0y i found out that the meshes are invalid is that reasonable?

@slobo784, I’ve revisited the script and the meshes are totally fine! Can you be more precise?

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Its totally fine,my fault!

No worries!

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