Kangaroo Anchor Points not reacting

Hi All Merry Christmas!

I have a simple mesh with Anchor Points assigned, but Kangaroo is not reacting to some points esp. those produced by line division as you can see in the attached files.

Would anyone know what I am missing here please? Thank you so much!!

Kind regards

Kangaroo Anchor Points.3dm (224.1 KB)
Kangaroo Anchor Points.gh (22.7 KB)

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Check purple group.

Kangaroo Anchor Points_re.gh (18.9 KB)


Hi Kim
Thank you for your help and it works nicely.
How come it isn’t possible to define these anchor points manually just like what I did with the 4 corners points? Is there a limit to which I can define the points manually?

thanks so much!


The anchor points you first used are not a part of your mesh vertices.
You should select anchor points as a portion of mesh vertices.

Many thanks Kim, Happy New Year!!