Mesh relaxation with Kangaroo2.. lil help?


Any ideas on how to relax a shape around another shape? I’m trying to shrink wrap objects with another object but I just cant get it. Maybe my approach is wrong? I’ve got 4 blocks encased in a larger block. The four smaller blocks are static and I want the larger block to shrink around them. The main problem im having is that the blocks don’t seem to react at to each other at all. (33.6 KB)


i believe you need an initial position outside of the object which you have set as a collision not inside, that will probably arrest the object rather.


I’ve tried that… I’ve tried just about everything but the kitchen sink. Definition is a bit of a mess by now because I’ve been tinkering with it for so long. Setting for K2 can be so finicky at times and there’s not much documentation to help. Any thoughts @DanielPiker?

(Daniel Piker) #4 (23.7 KB)

Does this help? I simplified the setup a bit.

Any way to create a tape over objects?

That’s exactly what I was trying to do! Awesome thank you!

I still don’t understand why my definition didn’t work though. Was it my terrible meshes?