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Is there a way/component that is similar to @DanielPiker’s “Stripper” component in K2, but works in the opposite manner, i.e. reducing the number of strips of mesh in one direction? (given that the mesh is nicely aligned and made up of strips of quad meshes). At the moment, I’m using the WarpWeft component (in K2) to work around; identifying every other mesh edge in one direction and reconstructing the mesh.

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Hi @timothytai
In the WIP you can use the command SelEdgeLoop, and pick one mesh edge, then it automatically finds the whole loop, which you can then delete by pressing delete.

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Thanks for responding, right, I also had been doing that in SubD in WIP; however, I meant if the mesh is constructed in gh, is there a way to do it within gh to be fed into the rest of the script…thanks again!

I have something for removing all simple edge loops from a mesh in Grasshopper. It might be possible to adapt that.
Can you tell us more about the mesh - does it have any internal non-valence-4 vertices?

You might be able to use this (built from the existing stripper and warp/weft components).
If your mesh is already nicely ordered it could work as-is, but otherwise you might need to do some sorting to make sure things match up properly. Depending on the shape of the mesh this could be as simple as just sorting mesh centroids along an axis, or edges by their angle. (12.5 KB)


@DanielPiker, thanks a lot for the file and apologies for the very late response; things have been a bit crazy (I’m sure everywhere…)

Attaching the file with the reference mesh as input to your solution and below the screenshot of the result. Basically I was just looking to reduce the density of the strips to half in the denser/longitudinal direction of the strips.

This was a result from K2 relaxation, and if I were to build the initial mesh to only half the density in that direction, I wouldnt have gotten a mesh “as relaxed.” The attached file includes the relaxation step as well: (213.9 KB)

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@DanielPiker If the Angle between two adjacent faces is 0°, then delete the adjacent sides.Is that ok? Can k2 be implemented? Thanks!

@graycooldesign - I don’t understand this question or how it relates to the thread above. Can you give a more detailed description/image of what you are trying to do? (25.9 KB)
Is there a better way to get rid of extra edges or vertices?In order to simplify the mesh.