Divide Mesh & stripper component

Hello Friends
How to divide the mesh as follows.
I did not succeed with thestripper component.gh (6.0 KB) .

The stripper component is for dividing meshes into simple strips one quad wide, where all the quads span from one side to the other. This can only be done (without t-junctions) for meshes where all the vertices have even valence.
Your mesh has valence 5 internal vertices, and the outer 3 strips in your image have corners with valence 4 and 2 vertices on their boundaries.

You could select these strips turning a corner with a short script grouping all faces adjacent to one boundary, then all faces adjacent to these, and so on, or I think the Mesh+ plugin has a component for this.


Hi @DanielPiker
Is this the right way?
stripper component.gh (11.8 KB)

isn’t that a classic grassfire algorithm problem?

It certainly looks like it. I wrote a GHPython implementation that operates on a RhinoCommon mesh:

It operates on all naked faces at each iteration though. Meaning that in this case, the two inner loops would become one mesh (because you have six face loops). It shouldn’t take much to adapt the code to start from one perimeter loop and go from there I imagine.

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Hi @AndersDeleuran

I’m new to Python.
How to use this code in Grace Hopper.
I have to copy the code text in Python component.

Yup, here’s the old GHPython component extracted from the GitHub example file running on your mesh:

141008_MeshBurner_00.gh (10.9 KB)

Note how the two central loops are one mesh (due to the reasons I mentioned above).

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