Mesh strips from bouncysolver

Hey all, I’ve read through some forum posts prior to posting and as a new user it’s a bit difficult to understand it all.

I’m trying to inflate a mesh and use the stripper component to make strips to use in fabrication.
When stripping though I don’t get clean long strips such as in the tutorials I’ve watched.
I’d like to get clean strips but I’m not sure how, I’ve read in other posts about planarizing and valence and rationalizing but it’s all a bit much so I’m not sure where to start.

What I’ve tried to do is remesh starting from this mesh
and ending up at this one
which hasn’t worked.

My starting boundary mesh to be inflated is this one:
Which I know looks bad so I tried remeshing using weaverbirds’ clark resulting in this

I do think the issue is at the starting mesh with the quads being unequal but I’m not sure how to fix this, ideally the resulting quad mesh would fit as closely to the boundary as possible.

The process for inflating the mesh is this

for stripping I use this

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You want to share the definition and the tutorial?