Mesh rebuild after adjusting vertices

hello im trying to rebuild the mesh after i adjusted the edge vertices
i took the original faces and the new vertices to construct new mesh, but it says that the face vertices exceed vertex count, not sure how to fix it

mesh edge (36.9 KB)

in order to deconstruct → construct a mesh you’ll need to provide a list of vertexes that has identical structure (and length) than the deconstructed one

in this case you are telling GH to construct a mesh that is expecting to receive 2175 vertexes, and instead are providing 8 branches of 6 points each

not sure if this is the best way to do that, you might want to find the original vertexes in the original mesh and replace them with the newly generated ones, in such a way that list will still have the very same number of items, in the very same order

yeah i was trying that earlier but coudlnt figure it out, do you have a recommended way of doing it? because i only want to change the edges where i rebuilt the curves and not the whole thing

this might be a bad way of doing it:

mesh edge (38.3 KB)

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thank you! i increased the wv catmullclark to have a smoother finish