How to rebuild a mesh by combining two lists of vertices in Grasshopper

Dear All,

This is far more complicated to explain than understand when looking at the example and I’m not even sure if this is any good of an approach, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to recreate a mesh in Grasshopper, if certain vertices of the original mesh are replaced with others from another list.

The background: I’m working with imported data (block instances, converted to meshes) and I’d like to change the shape by interacting with some of the mesh’s vertices, which are inside the scaled boundary box.

Basically, I’d like to replace the vertices in list A with those from list B with the same coordinates and as a result I guess they should have the same member indexes to create the surfaces correctly (latter is the issue mostly, so the new mesh won’t be correct). Also tried culling duplicates, but that destroyed the mesh structure too. Eventually, the goal is to make one segment of the pipeline shorter when the new vertices are moved.

I could recreate everything already with basic solutions and it works nice and well, but yet I’d like to see if this is possible or now and if so, how.

Any idea is appreciated. Thanks! (25.1 KB)

You can use member index to compare the points, and the you can use replace items for the points that don’t match

Thanks, I tried those but resulted a ruined mesh, I guess it’s because the order of the vertexes changes. However, I wanted to insert some screenshots here so I started recreating it and found “replace member”, which apparently works great, just as I wanted to :smiley:

Thanks anyway for your help :slight_smile: