Rearrange Order of Edges and Vertices in a Brep


(Bfranke) #1

Hi all, I have an original surface geometry and a deflected surface geometry (original geometry slightly modified). Both geometries have the same number of faces (1), edges (4), and vertices (4). However, I have a script I need to plug these geometries in to that is extremely complex, and relies on the list order of edges and vertices to to remain the same as the original surface geometry. It appears grasshopper and/or rhino determines what this order ends up being, no matter the surface. I have deconstructed the Brep of the deflected surface geometry and rearranged the order of edges and vertices, but I have nothing to plug this rearranged order into to recreate the deflected surface geometry. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is there a component that will do this?

(Amir Habibi) #2

Hi , if mesh geometry can be useful for you , you can reconstruct it by construct mesh component which you need quad mesh component before it .

(Bfranke) #3

Hi Amir, I get an error saying “Face vertex exceeds mesh vertex count.” Plus I think it needs to remain as a surface, not a mesh.

(Amir Habibi) #4

If you attach your .gh file it would be so easier to help

(Bfranke) #5

Deflected and Original (8.6 KB)
Deflected and Original Test.3dm (245.8 KB)

Amir, so sorry for the delay, please see the attached files. Hopefully what I’m trying to do makes sense.


Six days after posting your original question without them?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: