Mesh Join and Smoothness Problem

Hi guys :slight_smile:
Im having a problem with the smoothness of a mesh.

I created a hexagonal grid to be map on a cylinder and generate some sort of skin.
I remove the duplicated segments that match on the edge of the cylinder so the mesh could be build and join propperly.

Anways, when I try to join the mesh and then smooth it Iā€™m not getting the result I want, which will be a single smooth surface on the cylinder. Instead I get the rounded corner where the edge of the cylinder is.

Why? :frowning:

After the join, but before the smooth, did you try Weld Vertices?

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Join > Weld > Unify Normals > Smooth.

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Thank you! that was it :slight_smile:

Thank you!! I was missing the Weld :grin: