Join different meshes

Hi guys,

I’m trying to join 2 different meshes but I can’t find the way to join properly the vertices and get a good conexion between both meshes.

I’m tying to follow this example but I can’t get a good result:

I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks in advance!! (29.6 KB)

In order to join the two meshes, you need the same number of vertices.

If you follow that example you get something like the following picture but don’t know if this is what you want.
image (27.1 KB)

Yes!! this is what I want but If we apply a subdivision in order to get a nice smooth… it doesn’t works.

This is the result… something happens on the mesh

But why dont you mesh the inner part too?

The strange thing that is happening in your image is because of the triangles that are changed to quad meshes.

Another way is using loft between one of the naked edges of the boundary mesh and inner curve.

Join_different_meshes_and_smooth (35.1 KB)


Many thanks guys!! I really appreciate the help…this forum is amazing!

@HS_Kim this is really good!!