How to Smooth the Join Mesh

Just wondering if anyone can help me on this issue. I’m trying to join two meshes together from two surfaces. I have used Join Mesh and Mesh Weld to reduce number of duplicate vertices. When I two meshes into Weaverbird Loop Subdivision, the mesh looks to be very rough. I have tried to use MeshMachine to smooth it out but it still looked the same. Does anyone have a better way to do this? Thanks in advance!

Mesh (8.8 KB)

It is because you create a sphere and a plane then did not join two breps and created a mesh.

In such case mesh edges are not aligned, so nothing works.

Join breps before converting to a mesh.

Hi Petras,

After I created a Brep Join before I create the mesh, it still looks the same. Am I still doing something wrong?

Mesh Join Rev (9.6 KB)

For that type of topology I would strongly suggest an approach like the one used here: (121.7 KB)

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Wow… Peter this is a real neat little script!!! Really appreciated!

This script def going to help me a lot in the future, but I really would like to know what i have done wrong on my script

You are trying to ride fast a Harley Davidson (i.e. you are after smoothess from something that is not smooth by nature).

PS: If you have a general case in mind (fillet this with these) then drop a word.

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