Mesh culling in Rhino?

So, in Rhino, whenever I zoom into a model in Rhino, I get a culled view of the mesh as like this:

And, this is what the original model looks like:

Is this natural? Does this happen because this was the way the model was made, or is it so because of Rhino’s way of displaying meshes itself?

Is there anyway that I can disable this culling and see what’s inside ?

Hi Alex - try pulling one or two polys or a roof panel out of the mesh if it is closed - (ExtractMeshFace, ExtractMeshPart)


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Hey @pascal, The same issue was happening with me, thank you for the suggestion, and now I am able to see inside of the model I’m working on. But, how do I make it happen, without distorting the mesh? I mean, how to set it as a default so as to see it from the inside from the start?

Hi @binigya - you could use a clipping plane and a display mode that doesn’t show fills for clipping planes.