Why is the view of my rhino model cutting?

On my Rhino model (especially on larger files) the model’s view is cutting, the edges can’t be seen, and I can not go closer to certain objects. How can it be solved??It has to be fixed to showcase the design…Thanks

Hi @peregin
Without an example of what it looks like, it can be hard to diagnose, but a few things comes to mind:
Are you far away from world origin (0,0,0)? If yes, try to select all your geometry and move it closer to the world center.
Are your graphic card driver(s) up-to-date? Check the Notifications tab to see if there are newer drivers available and, if yes, install them.
Are you zoomed in a lot? Try to use zoom targetto reset the camera’s target and the distance between the camera and target.
If problem persists, post a screen dump of what it looks like and paste the result of the Rhino command Systeminfo with the screen dumps. That makes identifying the problem a lot easier.
HTH, Jakob

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