Rhino bug when i cut objects?

Hello everyone, I was modeling in rhino when I saw a very big problem, when I use boolean split or just cutting tool, my model becomes strange (but in shaded view it’s seems to be good) and when I import the file in key shot the bug is still there… Does someone know what is the problem?
thanks for help!


This is related to the Render mesh Rhino generates to display shaded surfaces.
You can change the quality setting of that mesh in Document Properties -> Mesh:

I’d first try what the smooth and slower setting does for you. Next you could play with Custom settings.

Let us know if this solves the issue, if not please post the Rhino file because it might be related to something else.


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thanks for answer Willem,
I just tried to change the mesh to Smooth and slower, and it doesn’t help
But when I play with custom settings and change density to 1.0 it becomes clean. Thank you, your answer was very useful!

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