Feature Idea: Mesh Presets

On my computer, I several screenshots saved for custom meshing Rhino objects. I have one for 3D printing STL’s. One for exporting to my friend’s Moto, one for export to science programs. Sometimes, it takes experimentation to find a good balance. I save a screenshot of the results.

It would be cool, if we could save the meshing presets, so we can reuse them, for things like this:


While we’re waiting for this to be implemented, it is possible to create macros/scripts for saving presets, either for display meshing or for export. All the parameters are exposed, it does take some time to set up the template initially, but afterwards it’s easy to modify.

Display settings macro:

_Mesh  _Custom
_MaxAngle=15  _AspectRatio=0 
_MinEdgeLength=0.0001   _MaxEdgeLength=0
_MaxEdgeSrf=0.1  _GridQuads=16
_Refine=Yes  _JaggedSeams=No 
_SimplePlanes=No _Enter _Enter

Export STL script with 4 presets:
ExportSTLWSett.py (3.6 KB)



Thank you, Helvetosaur.