'Mesh Brep' very slow with polysurfaces compared to Rhino 'From Nurbs Object'

I’m having issues with the ‘Mesh Brep’ compenent in grasshopper and noticed a few similar questions here but no solid answers.

In general, its pretty fast to convert a solid polysurface to a mesh with ‘From Nurbs Object’ within Rhino. However, using the ‘Mesh Brep’ component takes significantly longer. For example, one stair recently took only took about 2 seconds to convert within Rhino, but the Grasshopper component took 24.0s.

Is this just something we all deal with by converting within Rhino or am I missing something? My main goal in this case is using grasshopper definitions to quickly convert my solid polysurfaces into meshes, scale them and export the STL’s for 3D Printing.