Mesh Breps without MeshBrep component

Hello, I have a bad polysurfaces and willing to convert them to meshes without cleaning up.
Converting them to meshes using MeshBrep component returns a lot of invalid meshes and a lot are missing.
I found that connecting Breps to a mesh parameter component immediately returns a mesh, and this mesh seems a lot better and more robust than MeshBrep component.
I’m guessing that, through Mesh parameter, I am getting a rendermesh but I am not sure.

The problem is, that this mesh suddenly become super fine (210000 vertices!) when the Brep is moved from the original location for some distance ( B in the below image, roughly 120m away from the original).

I attached a Rhino file (V6) and a Grasshopper difinition to reproduce this problem.
Does anybody know what’s the problem?

Please be aware that the Rhino file is a little big (11MB). (5.3 KB)Issue.3dm (11.4 MB)