MergeFace is there one for non planar?

I had a cylinder then sliced it twice then later unioned it, now it has ‘seams’ showing where it did not before,
(A and B).
so as such was possible, I would like to ‘tidy’ it up.

mergeface doesnt work.

What is there to do this.

see A and B on file.

REMOVE SEAMS.3dm (227.6 KB)



Hi Steve - you’ll need to do this by hand - extract all the cylindrical bits, delete all but one, UntrimAll that, and then trim it up with the edge curves.


I found this set of Python scripts incredibly helpful for merging non-planar faces:

It has some limitations, but overall works very well. Especially for a face that was sliced into smaller parts, but otherwise unaltered. In those cases, it usually can merge them back into a single face.