Merge faces (all faces...)

Hi when I do such a thing as boolean union, or sometimes just _Join different surfaces, I use to always clean my new build polysurface with the tool _MergeAllCoplanarFaces

But the point is that it never merge faces who are not flat…
any tool or plugin that you know who can do such a things ?
here is an example of the limted capacity of the _MergeAllCoplanarFaces tool :

multiple polysurface

boolean union

_MergeAllCoplanarFaces tool on the new polysurface but with the chanfer not merge all together

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Hello- there is currently no tool to merge non-planar faces.


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So can we put in a request for R9? Please :slightly_smiling_face: :pleading_face:

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Hi -
We have this feature request on the list:
RH-10693 MergeAllFaces work on degree 2 surfaces


Couldn’t you explode this object, delete all the corner surfaces but one, and Scale1D the length of the object and rejoin?

Okay, Here is a thought for merging Surfaces that are at least planar in one direction… You will be able to break it and it still has some bugs to work out. But here is the rough idea. Its a Ghplayer file.
Select the fillet surfaces that you would like to merge in order. enter enter and it should create a surface that is merged. It will only do one set of surfaces though. I will post some pics later.
Merge Curved (9.8 KB)
If you make an improvement PLEASE post it in this thread! :slightly_smiling_face:

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this exactly what I’am fed up to do…

look great, I gonna try it soon !

Let me know what you find out. And please break it as soon as possible! I already know 2 hiccups that I have to find out. It won’t do a full loop of surfaces, and on either end of the normal loop with the way gh player puts the sub surfaces in it is not trimmed.
It is very low quality and is just for the idea.

Grasshopper players aggravating surface simplification.

Below = Brep it was taken from.

Below = A failed attempt at a full loop.

I think isocurve composition/direction and them knot locations, have an effect on the results too…

ahh yes, must be “coplanar”…

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Is this made out of individual blocks of wood/lumber/timber pieces … or all one piece composite… :sweat_smile:

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it’s folded metal sheet !

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The isocurve flow is the main concern when trying to ‘combine’ data like this – imo.

While, the iso’s flows are basically 99% controllable – it’s just a bit complicated depending on the geometry.

Yes sometimes ‘trimmed’ srfs are inevitable, like what appears in the geometry above. But the flow of iso’s should be considered prior to ‘merge’.

There’s definitely no reason why this ‘chamfer’ couldn’t become one piece.

Nothing is automatic though. AI doesn’t really exist yet.

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If I’m not too late you should give a try to this

It works quite well in almost any situations solving a lot of different cases.