Fillet / mergeallfaces

I asked about this re V5 a while back; Pascal said it wouldn’t be fixed for V5, but I see V6 still works the same way…

Some objects that one makes wont fillet properly unless mergeallfaces is run first. To my mind, that command should be run automatically by the fillet command if the object requires it - what would be the downside to that?

heres a simple example:

draw a U shaped set of 3 curves say 50 units each. Join them, then extrude them 50 units. call ofsetsrf to make a solid 6 units thick.
Now try to fillet one of the inside edges 6 units - not pretty.
Now run mergeallfaces on the object, run fillet again and its all sweet…


Hi Tony - I don’t know… If I referred to this as a ‘fix’ I mis-typed or was not thinking… I am not convinced Rhino should be doing this un-asked.


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Well, I notice V6 has become a bit more chatty - recently it said something like “operation failed - run divide along creases”, so I guess “mergeallfaces” might be a suggestion the command line might make in this case?
I think more chatty command line is a fine thing, although I suppose there are limits…

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Wow, and all that on your phone, too, I’m impressed!