Merge Point Clouds (IronPython)

Good evening! Although not necessarily evening
I recently wrote a small script for point clouds, check it out! (656 Bytes)

@Petras_Vestartas, take a look, please!

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Nice to see that you are working with pointclouds.
I am wrapping C++ PointCloud processing methods for C#.

I already have bare-bones of Grasshopper plugin.
I think things will get faster once we will do the first workshop coming month for our students.

At some point we are going to open-source the Cockroach library, because some of the libraries we use requires that. And for sure it will be nice to have other people working on it. I would not say wrapping libraries is not particularly difficult just very time intensive knowing that we have to do other things;)

How do you usually post-process pointclouds in Rhino?

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Hi, thank you, I really respect your work on the Cockroach plugin and I would like to join you, very would like :slight_smile: I wrote an email to you a few days ago, but nothing from you… Have you missed it?

I usually create models from these point clouds. And clean them from noise is very useful in Cockroach.