Boolean Union then merge face Issue

Hi all, hoping there is a fix to my Boolean Issue issue.

There seems to be a bug with Boolean union and or the merge face command in Grasshopper. I have geometry that when I bake it, Boolean it together, and then merge the faces/edges the geometry is perfectly clean and what I want. If I run the same through grasshopper then I get extra polysurfaces I can not clean up even though they are co-planar.

I’d like to either:

-Use a .rs command within a python script inside of grasshopper to use the rhino Boolean union instead of the grasshopper one
-Or find a way to work through grasshopper to get rid of the faces.

I’ve uploaded my grasshopper file - it is the Breps in the group called “Fascia” that I’m trying to boolean together. Any help would be much appreciated!!! (110.0 KB)

You forgot to internalize your geometry.


Correct - appologies see attached (114.2 KB)