Boolean union failed


I am trying to merge couple of closed solid polysurfaces into one solid object – but boolean union function seems to struggle with this.
I’ve created these shapes by lofting couple of squares with rounded corners (with variable ratio) which follows couple of different curves (I did it all in grasshopper, the file is included).
I know that the shapes are quite complicated, but I would be really thankful if anyone here could help me merge them into one solid object – I’ve tried moving them to the orgigin of my GH file, turning them into meshes (and then simplify the meshes using Kangaroo) but nothing works for me.
I don’t know if it’s because the way I am making the shapes – I thought that lofting couple of squares would be best way to do it (basically I need “pipes” that follow the curves and which have square intersection at the beginning which slowly turns into a circular one).

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Rhino file:
GH file: (84.8 KB)

Is this a Rhino question or a Grasshopper question?

You didn’t assign your message to a category so the right people won’t see it.

I see – I think that it’s a Rhino question. Thank you.

That’s what I guessed too so that’s where I categorized it.

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That thing is going to be a real mess to sort out as a Boolean issue.
If it were me, I’d run the Intersect command and use the resulting curves to manually Trim away the portions of the polysurfaces that are inside something else.
You should end up with surface pieces that can be Joined to make a closed polysurface.

Essentially, you’ll be manually doing what a Boolean operation does.

even with manual split/trim you will have other issues with coincident surfaces and self intersection surfaces like this:

if the output is a mesh for 3dprint for example I would try with Meshmixer using the function MakeSolid wich creates a closed mesh on top of the objects:

even in that program the self intersection cause some issues.