Boundary Surfaces not working | Surface from boundary curves

Hi everyone !

I’m a beginner with Grasshopper and I developped an algorithm to draw a column with a special type of cross-section (see images). Focusing on the 2D cross-section, I managed to get the boundary curves of the section using Clipper Plugin with the help of @ajarindia but when I’m using the component “Boundary Surfaces” to create a surface out of the boundary curves, it’s sometimes not working and doing an over estimation (the surface doesn’t “follow” the curves). Could you please help me ? (32.3 KB)

Thanks in advance,

it might depend on the scale of your drawing
don’t know how much tolerance you have set in Rhino, but consider that the final outcome is pretty small


Indeed that was the probelm. I was working in the “Large Objects - Meters” template of rhino ! I switched to “Small Obects - Meters” and it’s working perfectly !

Thank you very much !