Merge layers from import file autocad to rhino


I am currently working on how to import/export between autocad and rhino 7.

I made two template files for the office, one autocad and one rhino. The layer structure is the exact same in both file formats and so are the layer names.

But when I import the autocad into the rhinofile the layers are then shown twice - even though they have the exact same name and layer structure. (see attached)

I could select objects on ex. 02_Contours (from acad) and then assign it to 02_Contours (rhino) but that would take additional time to clean all that everytime… All layers below “ANNOTATION” are layers from the imported autocad file

I tried the command option > files > imported file layers > check “use existing layers with matching name” but it doesnt seem to work either…

So… how to merge layers with the same name when importing from acad to rhino ? Or maybe there is another workaround to fix this?

Hej Louise -
Nested layers are not currently supported when moving files using DWG/DXF. We have that request on the list as:
RH-66996 File IO: Create nested layers from DWG files

The workaround would be to use a flat structure of layers.