Wish: merge same named layers


I try to copy some layers from folder A to folder B. In folder B this layer names exist and so Rhino ignored it. Better would be, if a popup window would say “layer names exist, do you like to merge the layers?”.

I hope it’s possible to implement.



From your question, I don’t understand if you want to merge same named layers or not -

Here is one setting that might help:


Or do you want for it to ask every time?


Often I get parts from my clients and I build the assembly. In this case it was layer directory “cabin front” and “cabin rear”. Both layer directories contain the same layer structure. So, in this case the automatic merge doesn’t help. (But thank you for the hint. My screenshot was a little bit reduced.)

Ah, OK, so you want to be able to merge two different-named parent layers that have the same sublayer name structure? Is that it? That might be scriptable as a command to run after the import.


Hi Micha - thanks,



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@Helvetosaur Right, that is it. Could be helpful tool.

@pascal Thank you to add it to the list. It could be a nice addition to the functionality of the layer manager.