Import rhino files to autocad with proper layer management


I’m working mainly in rhinoceros, but time to time when finishing the project’s i’m working on, i unfortunatly have to move to Autocad for suiting my company workflow.
In order to do that i keep the same layers structure in the rhino and the autocad files.
But when i export a piece from rhino to autocad it create a new layer with same name causing to get every layer doubled.

Did you ever encountered such a problem and do you have any solution ?

It would save me lot of work-time and efficiency in the workflow in my company.

It would also be a good argument to let more users swith to rhinoceros for drawing.

Thanks for your help

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What is your current acad export scheme? and do you make use of sub-layers?

You could edit acad export scheme as new and select :“export layer names only” (child), but that also could be a wrong idea if you have many sublayers with same name to export.
Sub-layers are “kicked off” their parent layer because the sub-layers do not exist in acad, and Layer Groups do not exist in Rhino.
Thus all layers/sub-layers with same names will be exported in a single layer, that’s why the default option “full layer path” (layerName$subLayerName) is useful when multiple layers/sub-layers have the same name, even if the names are modified with a prefix, it’s easy afterwards to group those layers in autocad. As I’m writing, I have not seen an other magic option yet.

Thanks for your help,

Thé problem is not related to sublayers. More that layer written in small charcter get exported with capital letter. I kind of found a solution but it s not perfect. I need to rename all the layer in autocad with capital letters in order to make it work … if you have any idea what s happening I m interested :slight_smile:

It sounds like an Autocad behavior, I saw some posts about this on their forums (and some fixes too).
I don’t run autocad anymore but I can use Illustrator to see what rhino does: from what I saw, I can tell that the letter case is absolutely respected.