Memory leak by Rhino frame buffer?

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if I render my current animation per Bongo3|Cycles|Rhino 7 than I see a memory leak (~100MB per frame) so that after a while the animation crashs.
Today I found I can render single renderings per Legacy renderer or Rhino and both show a memory leak. For larger renderings the memory leak is larger than for small renderings. I suppose so it’s the Rhino render output window which cause the memory increase. I did a test per V-Ray and the RAM usage was stable. I hope a quick fix is possible.


Hi Micha -
This is currently being investigated as part of your other thread…
Please follow-up in that original thread.

Ah, ok, so Bongo and Rendering are not different teams and no different forums needs to be used, right?

Our developers talk to each other…
You got the YT item in the other thread and, as always, when investigating a particular issue that is documented, all developers that are necessary to solve it will get involved.

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Also, I virtually sit next to @Joshua_Kennedy