Bongo 3 memory leak


during rendering my current animation I see a memory increase of ~100MB per frame. Should I send my current project file or can it be seen at one of the last uploads? (the card case project)



What version of Rhino are you on? @nathanletwory did some fixes recently for 7.5 to resolve some memory leaks. You may need to enable to option for the Service Release Candidate instead. The Intel Denoiser was also updated recently because of memory issues if you’re using it. I’ll use your last model to run some tests.

I use Version 7 SR5 (7.5.21096.11001, 2021-04-06) and no denoiser.

@Joshua_Kennedy Do you was able to repeat the memory leak? In the next time I want to render the final animation I afraid four crashes for the whole calculation. Could be nice to avoid them. :wink:

Yes, I can reproduce this and working on some fixes. I’ll let you know when I’ve got some fixes in for you.

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