How to Determine Cause of Bongo Crash when Rendering Animation (Memory Leak)

Hi there,
I just started using Bongo and it seems to be crashing while doing the Render Animation when I use Rhino Render. I am trying to diagnose the source of the issue. My animation was 300 frames and I decided to let it run overnight. I turned off the sleep function on my computer. It got to about frame 95 and it seems Rhino just shut down. My computer didn’t sleep; I know that. When I came back, the computer was on, but Rhino was closed. Did I run out of memory?

Software info:

Rhinoceros Version 7.1.20343.9491 (64 bit, I think)
Bongo 2 Version 2/12/2019

System Info:

GPU: NVIDIA Quadro K2000, 2GB

Polygon Count: 247,539 after forced triangulation

Resource Usage while processing animation:

CPU Usage

GPU Usage (Spikes every time a new frame is being rendered)

Memory Usage



Update to latest Rhino 7 service release candidate: Help > Check for updates, set frequency to service release candidate. Press Check Now… link, download installer, shutdown all Rhino’s, install.
This release candidate contains fixes that should help here.

Hi Nathan,
Okay, I’ll give this a try.



So, I downloaded the latest version of Rhino, Version 7.3.21053.23031 and I’m still running into the same issue. It crashed at about the same point, frame 89 of 300. I think there might be a memory leak problem that others have described, like here for example: Bongo 2 using more and more RAM with every frame - Bongo - McNeel Forum.

On the jet brains site, someone wrote test a script that runs Rhino render repeatedly without Bongo:

Rendering: Memory leak when rendering multiple times with Rhino Renderer : R̶H̶-̶5̶2̶6̶0̶7̶ (

I ran a test with this script and the RAM usage increased from 10 GB to 18 GB over 10 frames. The RAM usage stays at 18 GB after the 10 frames are done. Only closing Rhino seems to release all of the memory.

Is there a way to deal with this memory leak? I can’t close and reopen Rhino in the middle of the animation render process. That other discussion thread doesn’t seem to have arrived at a solution to date.

7.3 isn’t the latest release candidate, 7.4 is.

Okay, I updated to Rhino Version 7.4.21054.9561. I’m still running into the same issue. RAM usage increased from 10 GB to 24 GB over 30 frames.

@ArmorMarine_Eng I’ve been investigating this with @johnc. We’ve managed to reproduce the problem, but we haven’t found yet why this happens. I’ll add this thread to the YT item ( RH-62316 Using denoisers leaks memory ) so you’ll be notified here if and when we get it fixed.

The denoiser was indeed the problem in my case. This time I turned off the Intel Denoiser. The memory usage stayed at around 6 GB for the first 100 frames while I was watching it. I let the animation render overnight and it worked! I assume the memory usage stayed about the same. To compensate for removing the denoiser, I increased the samples from 50 to 150. Still a bit grainy, but good enough for now.

Quick update on this. Since disabling the intel denoiser, the bongo render animation function has been working great! I let the render run the entirety of this past weekend and managed to get 900 frames without crashing.

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